Music OnlineThe Music Online project is much more than a website, it's a dream, it's a space for artists discover themselves and share their talents with the world. The objective is increase the project, step-by-step in an independent way. Thanks a lot everyone for staying with us all these years!
Andre Luis de Andrade, founder and dreamer

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The Music Online Project @ Official Presentation

Patreon - Make an Investiment of $1, $5, $10 on Music Online and receive rewards

A Little About The Music Online's Project

It's a Dream. An Awesome Dream!!!

The Music Online Project was born when was possible to be verified that the music content had no democratic distribution. Furthermore, the propagation of work of the musicians are so different between celebrities and independents.

Do you love to compose or play music?

Guitar ManHowever, we want to INCREASE THE PROJECT and work with young/old people that want to IMPROVE THEIR TALENTS, making their music wishes come true. The idea is make investments in their careers based on ANGELS INVESTORS partnerships, using CROWDFUNDINGS and DIRECT INVESTMENTS.
Click here to be an investor and help to make the things happen!

Are you a regional artist? Well, we'll show you to the world!

MOLBR BANDPresent in 41 countries. one of objectives of this project it's to help artists with no opportunities, no money or, only with regional success, to explode for another markets around the world. This it's possible because we created "Virtual spaces for regional culture, but with an International face".

In other words, the artists tracks can be displayed in all countries that we are allocated and know if their job can be recognized for people there was living there.

At this time, to be displayed in the project, it's only necessary sending to us your job by e-mail or letter, to our brazilian office. Click here to let us and the world know about your existence.

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Our Really True Objectives

It's Real! It's True! We Wanna Work To Make Your Music Wishes Come True!

Our purpose is always based in Social Development, since as a Music Website until as a Non-Profit Project.

Shortly, our focus is to be "Angels Investors" of people that loves music, breathe music, lives for music.

Some topics envolving the project objectives:

  1. Help talent students to study and be graduated as a "Maestro" in college
  2. Invest in people that has the wish to study music (compose, play or sing)
  3. Create social projects to include poor people in Music (workshops/watch shows)
  4. Create events to discussing the music development, brainstorming and social networking
  5. Help selected artists to improve their careers (burn CD's, DVD's, Do partnerships with famous artists)
  6. Help selected artists to distribute their songs and talent using the Internet (e-Commerce and Content Portal)
  7. Create music applications for Mobile Phones to improve the disclosure of selected artists and the Music Online's project
  8. Continue to invest in the 16 years "Music Online's portals" with the objective to maintain it as a space for artists disclosure
Patreon - Make an Investiment of $1, $5, $10 on Music Online and receive rewards

Listening music around the world and understanding its history!

Projects Offline For A While (The Future Is Being Prepared)

Independent Library For Artists and Dreamers

The Music Online's dream exists since 1998, than, this project is doing the best its possible, in an independent way for more than 15th years!

We know how its difficult to share a work with another people, in another countries, in other cultures, in other languages. In Music Online your work will be shared with ALL THE WORLD!

The Music Online portal is virtually present in most than 41 countries and this number continue to grow! At this time, we are working to make an automated system for you, to add your work, directly from your computer!

While you are waiting the new system, it's possible sending the CD's, DVD's, Picture, Releases for our address or e-mail:

Music Online HQ (Brazil)
Address: Rua Doutor Roberto Barrozo, 471
Neighborhood: São Francisco
City: Curitiba
State: Paraná
Country: Brazil
Zip Code: 80.520-070

or by the e-mail:

Social Networks and much more about Music Online

A Little About The Music Online's Dreamer

Andre Luis de Andrade, the founder and dreamer

Hello, dreamers!

I am Andre Luis de Andrade, a person who started to make the dreams come true since the beginning of Internet in Brazil, in the year of 1997, exactly in July.

When the contemporary Internet it was completing three years old, new opportunities could be verified and new professionals, like me, wants to show their own points of view to the world. So, I created the ATE IT SOLUTIONS, a company I am using until now, to work with web systems and software testing.

At first, I tried a lot of projects, social or not, to found myself. The development of social projects showed my social soul, because I have some dreams, and these dreams must be made because people need help.

In 1998, my musician soul made me create the “Music Online Records”, a culture project with the objective to improve the music quality, displaying new garage bands and helping people to include themselves in Culture section. The project it continues active and now, in 2013, a new line will be passed, an International expansion, to be available to the world the brazilian culture and other countries cultures. With this project, I got TOP3, TOP5 and TOP10 positions in iBest Award.

Between 2003-2008, I started my functional carrier with a job in HSBC (Brazil), working with software programming for IT Insurance products. I back to the group twice: In 2010 - HSBC GLTb and, In 2012 – HSBC Bank, both working with software testing for IB systems.

To complete the functional experiences, I worked in Cinq, URCAL, Visionnaire, CITS, Celepar,etc

Like an entrepreneur, I am working with some different type of companies, like: Sedo GmbH, Tupperware and Maven Research.

My Specialties and Technical Knowledges:
* Databases – MySQL
* Entrepreneurship – Business related with Internet and Software
* Internet Systems – SEO, Web Marketing, Site Administration
* Internet Business – Web Marketing, Domain Biz, a little about e-Commerce
* Music – Copyright and Digital Media
* Software Testing – Test Cases, HP Quality Center, Testlink, UT, SIT and UAT
* Software Analysis – Use Cases, RBPM, UML
* Software Programming – C, PHP, XHTML, CSS, Shell Script

Thanks to read until here. If you want to make contact, scroll a little more.

Personal Informations:
CompanyAbout my company Ate IT Solutions
Linkedin Read about my professional life on Linked In
TwitterTalk with me on Twitter
FacebookLook my face on Facebook

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